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We're Back & Making With Love: A Woodshop Reunion!

Hello, PRWMade family!

Guess who's back, refreshed, and ready to create? That's right, your favorite team of makers! As of Feb 5th, the buzz of the woodshop is alive again, and our tools are dancing with joy (literally, we missed them so much!).

The Magic of Reuniting with Our Craft

Our little break was like a warm embrace from an old friend, but returning to our beloved shop? Oh, it's like the first sip of your favorite coffee on a chilly morning – simply perfect. We've returned with hearts full and hands eager to shape, craft, and create the beautiful pieces you love.

Gratitude in Every Grain

We can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding while we took a moment to recharge. Your support is the wood that fuels our creative fire, and to show our immense gratitude, we're thrilled to announce something special!

Celebrating Our Return with a Special Treat

As a heartfelt 'thank you' for your patience and to celebrate our return to the woodshop, we're offering a 15% discount on all our products! This is our way of spreading love, craftsmanship, and a little bit of PRWMade magic directly to your doorstep. But hurry, this special offer lasts only until Valentine's Day 2024. Use the code 'BACKANDMAKING' at checkout and let the beauty of handcrafted woodwork fill your space.

Let's Make More Memories!

We're back, we're creating, and we're more excited than ever to bring our creations into your homes. Don't forget, the 'BACKANDMAKING' discount is our little gift to you, wrapping up patience, love, and craftmanship in one. Here's to a year filled with beauty, warmth, and the unmatched charm of handcrafted woodwork.

With joy and saws,

The PRWMade Team

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