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Time Out! PRWMade Takes a Quick Pause for Family and Rejuvenation

Hello, cherished PRWMade family!

You’ve heard it said that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Well, we’re taking that wisdom to heart. From Jan 28th through Feb 3rd, the PRWMade team is hitting the pause button. But instead of tropical breezes, think of cozy evenings, laughter-filled rooms, and the joy of simply being present with our loved ones.

The Beauty of a Breather

In this always-on world, taking a moment to step back is like finding an unexpected treasure in your pocket. We’re embracing this time to recharge, not with sunblock and surfboards, but with warm cups of cocoa, board games, and maybe the occasional snowball fight (weather permitting, of course).

It’s in these quiet, unhurried moments that the seeds of creativity sprout. By the time we’re back, we’ll not only have a bunch of fun family stories to share but also a fresh, invigorated spirit to pour into every PRWMade creation.

Hang Tight for Your Orders!

We know, we know – waiting can be tough, especially when you’re as excited about our products as we are about making them. But just as a well-rested dough makes the best bread (we love baking metaphors), a well-rested team makes the best...well, everything!

So, while you eagerly anticipate your PRWMade treasures, remember that orders placed during our little interlude (Jan 28th to Feb 3rd) will be lovingly crafted and sent out starting February 10th. Why the wait? We’re big believers in the magic of transition days – they’re our secret ingredient for switching from family fun mode back to crafting extraordinaire.

Stay Connected, Stay Whimsical!

Fear not, dear friend, for distance makes the heart grow fonder! We’d love to keep the connection alive and buzzing with energy, even while we’re enjoying our family retreat. How, you ask? Through the wonders of social media, of course!

Join our cozy hiatus by following our stories, sneak peeks, and maybe even a whimsical tale or two on Instagram (@PRWMADE) and Facebook (PRWMADE). Let’s share this beautiful pause together, one post, like, and comment at a time.

Wrapping It Up (With Ribbons of Love and Anticipation)

As we trade our hand tools for a week of family bonding and soul rejuvenation, we leave you with this sprinkle of thought: good things, indeed, take time. Your patience and understanding not only make you an incredible part of the PRWMade family but also weave you into the very story we’re living.

So here’s to the moments in between, the laughter shared over a board game, the warmth of a group hug, and the excitement of returning with hearts as full as our imaginations.

Aloha (in spirit) for now, and we promise, the reunion with our tools, your orders, and the flurry of creativity will be nothing short of magical.

With warmth, whimsy, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder,

Ryan, Chief Maker of the PRWMade Crew

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